Care Connect: Why it's a step above

When you walk into a business, you expect its employees to be trained, but, the truth is, actual training statistics may scare you. Although the largest of companies have seen an uptick in training initiatives over the past three years, most mid-size or small companies have invested considerably less hours into employee training. Naturally, for a business as important as senior care, a lack of training is unacceptable, and at The Hearth, we're dedicated to giving our team members the resources they need to deliver premier care, regardless of our portfolio size or headcount. 

Our Care Connect training program, which focuses on completely understanding and correctly nurturing those with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, is a multi-day experience, conducted across multiple states, that helps our team members be successful, and our residents Live More®.  Here are the top three reasons why Care Connect is a step above:

1. It uses interactive experiences to build empathy

Whether it's having to complete a series of tasks while wearing goggles that mimic cataracts or attempting to eat food with a mimicked lack of taste, Care Connect uses a mix of guest speakers and hands-on learning to help its students understand the challenges of aging. Some team members are only familiar with the effects of aging on a surface level when they accept a position at The Hearth, especially those in clerical roles, or those who are not responsible for delivering care, so taking a deep dive into our residents' experience nurtures heightened levels of customer service, understanding, and empathy.

2. It's a retention motivator

Anyone who is familiar with the senior living industry knows that turnover is high...too high. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry suffers from a 50% turnover rate, which skyrockets above its counterparts in the healthcare industry.  This statistic, coupled with the facts that 22% of staff turnover occurs within the first 45 days of employment, and, according to Gallup polls, 85% of employees don't feel engaged at work, giving our team members a sense of understanding, confidence, and emotional investment in The Hearth's mission is an absolute must. 

3. It comes full-circle

Team members who complete the multi-day training course become "Care Connect Certified," and, after a series of tests and leadership recommendations, are eligible to lead the course themselves, as Care Connect facilitators. By encouraging team members who participate in the program to facilitate, The Hearth ensures we always have "enough hands on deck" to take training seriously, while giving our team members an added sense of purpose and pride. 

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