Financial Options

For many families, cost is one of the major factors that makes or breaks a decision on senior care. If you're worried about the cost of senior care, please know you're not alone. As senior care experts, we pride ourselves on providing resources, advice, and a support system to seniors and their families who are in the market for a change in care services. Please, read through some helpful resources below, and use our Cost Calculator to assess the value of a move to The Hearth.

Patriot Angels Veterans Services

Patriot Angels

We understand that working through the Veterans Benefits process can be a confusing and challenging. That's why we're proud to partner with Patriot Angels, an organization dedicated to ensuring that all Veterans and their widows receive the assistance they deserve, in a timely manner, without the risk of financial exploitation. Patriot Angels works with representatives of Veterans' service organizations, attorneys, and claims agents to assist claimants with the preparation and submission of VA claims, and provide reliable, unbiased, expert advice. 

If you are a Veteran or Veteran's widow, contact us to be put in touch with a Patriot Angels representative and earn the benefits to which you are entitled. 


Long-Term Care Insurance

Much like health insurance's ability to significantly cut down on the cost of doctors' visits and prescriptions, long-term care insurance can help significantly with the cost of home health, assisted living, or other types of senior care. To learn more about long-term care insurance, and see if it's the right fit for you, contact your current health insurance company. Should they not provide long-term care insurance, you can learn more about coverage and different providers here. 

Long-term care insurance at Keepsake Village at Greenpoint in Liverpool, New York

Hearth's Cost Calculator

Cost is a major factor in any senior living search. Be sure to take these hidden costs of aging in place into consideration before making a decision for yourself or a loved one. Use this cost calculator to better understand average monthly expenses, and the value of living at The Hearth.

Cost Calculator
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Total Montly Cost
Community Cost
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Total Annual Cost
Community Cost
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Have a question about cost? Contact us.

When an aging loved one suddenly needs long term care, families are often emotionally and financially unprepared for the road ahead. This free, downloadable resource gives a 
comprehensive overview of the senior care industry so you and your family can make informed decisions. In it, you'll find information on:

  • Long-term care funding
  • Evaluating stating at home vs. moving to a care community
  • Strategizing a safe transition into senior living
  • Coping with the emotional journey of a senior living transition