Our COVID-19 Response

As soon as reports of COVID-19’s threat to the American people hit the air waves, our  team began closely monitoring the development of the virus as reported by the CDC, and developing policies and protocols. Through the coming weeks and months, we implemented strict standards for PPE usage, cleaning, and disinfection. 

As an additional layer of precaution, we also partnered with Viking Pure Solutions, a company specializing in non-toxic, hospital-grade disinfection, as part of our Total Coverage 360 cleaning standards. Viking Pure’s products have proven ability to kill mold, bacteria, and COVID-19. Each Hearth community is now armed with at least one Viking Pure system, which has the capability of producing over a hundred gallons of safe, effective disinfectant a day. Since the solution is completely non-toxic and works on hard and soft surfaces, community teams can use it to disinfect hallways, furniture, common areas, residents’ apartments and even people. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, team members were being sprayed upon entering and exiting the building, to help prevent contamination.

From start to finish, our primary focus in light of COVID-19 has always been resident and staff safety. Our team members worked around the clock to keep our residents safeguarded, engaged, and at home at The Hearth.

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