On-Site Therapy at The Hearth

At The Hearth, we're proud to offer on-site physical and occupational therapy in every community nationwide. By offering therapy in our buildings, our residents can enjoy the peace of mind that, if they're ever in a position where they need therapy, like after a surgery, or a under doctor's orders, or, if they just want to ensure they stay healthy and limber, they can experience expert-lead results without ever leaving home. 

We hire professional therapists to lead the charge and cater therapy plans to each individual resident's needs.  Likewise, our therapy rooms are equipped with the machinery and tools needed to execute therapy sessions safely and efficiently. 

resident on nustep trainer as part of her therapy

Why it's important

As we age, the quality of our muscle mass and our bone health naturally decreases. That, coupled with potential changes in vision, medication side effects, or other aging factors, can cause a loss of balance and stability, leading to falls and injuries. In fact, did you know that, according to the CDC, more than one in four seniors over the age of 65 suffers from a fall each year

Those falls often result in broken bones, open wounds, or punctures which may or may not easily heal. In fact, falls result in such a wide array of injuries, they often cause a domino effect, making them the number one cause of death among seniors in the United States. 

Therapy greatly decreases the risk of falls, hospital admissions, and injuries. In fact, groups of seniors who practice regular exercise and therapy experience:

Statistic of decreased falls due to therapy
decreased hospital admission statistic due to therapy
statistic on improvement on overall health after therapy

To learn more about physical and occupational therapy options, and how they can help you or someone you love, contact your local Hearth community. 

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