Total Coverage 360

To our residents, The Hearth is home, and everyone wants to live in a home that’s tidy and clean. That’s why we’re proud to offer state-of-the-art Total Coverage 360 cleaning standards in every Hearth community.

Each Hearth community is equipped with a generator from Viking Pure Solutions, a company specializing in safe, hospital-grade sanitation.  The generators produce two distinct cleaning agents: a surface cleaner, and a sanitizer. The surface cleaner is a highly powerful all-natural alkaline water solution. The sanitizer is hypochlorous acid, the same thing our bodies produces in response to infections.

Both agents are completely nontoxic, unlike many popular cleaning products.

Although each generator is roughly the size of a traditional office water cooler, it can generate over 100 gallons of natural, green-certified disinfectant a day, so communities always have enough solution on-site. The solutions are made with all-natural ingredients, and have proven effectiveness against bacteria, mold, and viruses similar to COVID-19.

All common area surfaces, including walls, railings, carpets, and furniture are sprayed a minimum of twice daily. Resident apartments are also safely disinfected with the solutions as part of our Total Coverage 360 cleaning standards.

Here’s what our residents and their families are saying about Total Coverage 360:

Our parents appreciate knowing that the Hearth is constantly keeping the community clean. They feel safe and cared for and it brings all of us less worry and peace of mind.

Kathy R., Residents’ Daughter

Maintenance sprays my room which keeps the germs and bacteria out. Way to go, Hearth!

Diane L., Hearth Resident

I think it’s great that The Hearth has researched to find a sanitizer that will keep our loved ones more protected. To me that shows how much they care about their residents and staff.

Lisa K., Resident’s Daughter

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