Signature Programs at The Hearth on James in Syracuse, New York

Our Signature Programs
Helping You Live More Each Day

The Hearth on James has developed three key programs to best serve the needs of our residents.

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Live More®
A Person-Centered Approach to Care

The first step in our Live More approach to resident wellness is to get to know you or your loved one on a deep, personal level. This is coupled with an in-depth discovery during which we learn about the resident’s childhood memories, hobbies, family culture, traditions, and even their favorite candy. Why? Because our person-centered care approach focuses on the details that define each individual, so we can engage them in purposeful and meaningful ways.

Through our signature Live More programming, we help residents experience overall wellness and live optimally in these eight areas: Intellectually, Spiritually, Emotionally, Socially, Nutritionally, Physically, Environmentally, and Vocationally.

By getting to know our residents as close personal friends, we also help ensure they play a key role in shaping our community culture. Our residents have input on every service and activity we offer. That’s our Live More philosophy and it’s woven into everyday community life.

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Think More®
Maintain & Improve Mental Fitness

Like our bodies, our minds need exercise to be healthy, too. The Hearth on James offers residents a variety of ways to keep their cognitive muscles moving. Our Think More program is specifically designed to challenge residents’ cognitive abilities through small group activities and discussions that stimulate six essential cognitive domains: short-term memory, long-term memory, language, computation, visuospatial understanding, and critical thinking.

The Hearth on James hosts a minimum of two Think More activities per week. Some are structured with specific challenges, like puzzles, word games, or trivia. Others focus on intellectual discussions on topics such as science, medicine, world history, or politics. Join one of our engaging, structured brain exercise groups to learn more while maintaining – and even improving – your mental fitness.

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Move More®
Maintain & Improve Mobility

Adequate mobility can have a profound effect on emotional, social, and intellectual health, as well as our self-confidence and self-worth. The Hearth on James’s Move More program makes movement more fun and accessible to all of our residents. Through walking clubs, chair yoga, tai chi, dancing, and daily fitness classes, our residents are encouraged to explore a full range of cardiovascular and strength training exercises in a safe, controlled environment. And every step of the way, our residents’ journeys are guided by specially trained wellness aides who are always on hand to promote proper form and personal safety. 

As part of the Move More program, residents are also encouraged to use NuStep cross trainers to build strength, stamina and vitality. NuStep trainers are specifically made for seniors with mobility limitations, balance issues, or cognitive decline, and are available in every Hearth community. 

In addition to our Move More program, The Hearth on James offers onsite physical therapy to help keep residents active. Surgeries, injuries, strokes, and natural challenges brought on by the aging process can complicate a resident’s ability to move. Our licensed therapists and wellness aides work with the resident and their physician to develop a personalized rehabilitation plan based on their unique needs, helping the resident maintain the level of independence they want and deserve. This unique service is available onsite, seven days a week, to all residents of our The Hearth on James community.

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