Relentless Sales Support

At The Hearth, our prospect-centered sales approach produces higher short, medium, and long-term conversions. Plus, by measuring micro-metrics, we're able to produce  real-time measurement from lead analysis, call recordings, time measurement, development, planning, next steps, advances, tours, deposits, sales, and every insight in between. This provides a highly coachable, trackable, and predictable platform for sales performance. Real-time data also provides in the moment insights to measure and guide in reach, outreach, and marketing planning. This perpetual feedback loop allows for speedy adjustments to impact short and long-term goals.

To act on all of our data, each community hosts daily planning meetings, weekly metrics reviews, and in-market coaching by Executive Leadership and support center team members to help our great community sales leaders achieve even greater results.  

Scroll through the graphics below to learn more about our sales support strategy. 

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